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Demon Bike - WIP 1

There is a local company called SWBWraps. (They can be found here: )

From what I have seen on their Facebook page these guys do great work. So if you are in the Shreveport/Bossier City area you should definitely check them out. The owner of the company was referred to me by somebody I work with during my day job. He has sent a few jobs my way. Unfortunately, none of them have panned out as of yet. Mostly because of unforeseen events that have come up in these prospective clients lives that forced them to have to place that money elsewhere....

In any case, it would appear that I have a client who is actually going to go through with it. Bam! The job is the the windshield of a Chopper. Client wants a Demon face on the bike shield.

Here's the bike and the image that the client wants to have on the bike:

Not bad. Easy enough.

Here's the progress so far.

I'll update later...

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