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DJ Louie

This was a difficult project. The job itself wasn't hard..I just was never satisfied with the results. The client contacted me. He is a DJ of nearly 20 years. He wants business cards. Easy enough. Nothing hard about designing a 3.5x2" card with artwork. The hardest part about it is making sure all relevant information is included on the card. Which that in and of itself is not hard just takes a bit of time to scale and move everything appropriately. What was difficult was this: No matter what I did I hated how it looked. I have done projects where the client wanted something that they loved but I though was terrible. Case in point was this guy was starting a game company of some sort and wanted his logo to be that of a dragon holding a 20-sided die in its mouth. The color scheme was to be purple and black. Although, I thought it was ugly I was still happy with how it turned out. I still enjoyed the project and was happy with the ultimate design even if it wasn't something that I would have emblazoned on my business. This project, however, was different. I liked individual elements of it. Together? Not so much. The elements separate from each other worked. Together they didn't. I pretty much had carte blanche to do whatever I wanted. At least to a point. The client did have input on colors and relative design but for the most part it was up to me. As I worked on it, I couldn't figure out the proper scaling. The right angles to use. The best images to reference. Nothing. worked.

Eventually, I got a hold of a friend of mine and sent him some of the different proofs that I had come up with. He gave me a bunch of suggestions. Some of the suggestions were font size and placement. Plus the DJ character was not positioned correctly. I had way too much negative space. It just wasn't working. I did make a bunch of edits at the behest of my friends advice.


Finally, after battling with it for nearly a month I was able to put something together that I am relatively happy with. The client is very happy. I don't know. What would you do?

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