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Chris Maffeo Art & Design

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I specialize in Bringing your vision to life with attention-grabbing design.

Maybe you have a clear-eyed concept for your brand and need a skilled digital creator to bring it to life. Or, you just know how you want your customer to feel when they hold your product.

It might be that you only know the audience you want to attract.

I take time to understand my clients and use my skill in Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Paint Pro, and Dreamweaver to give form and color to their unique vision for their brand.

Whatever your starting point, I'm diligent in creating an end product that you - and your audience - will love.

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Illustration + Design + Branding

See what Full-Service design can do for you and your brand

My skill and creativity with digital illustration underlie everything I do, from digital media and branding to design and consultation. My full suite of services delivers creative, exceptional design products, customized to your brand, your vision, your story.


Logos & Icons

Logos are the "face" of your brand/business. They can convey your brands personality and its mission. Or they can be the cause of slow business. A finely crafted logo is crucial to standing out among your competitors.

Let's create your new logo today!

Green My Baby Tshirt

graphics & Vector aRT

Bring your designs to life in new ways! Tshirts, banners, signs, cards, anything! These are the things that grow your brand and expand it as your customers wear your merchandise. Nothing is cooler than walking down the street and seeing someone else wearing clothes with your logo on it. 

Let's get your brand and designs noticed today!


30+ Social Media posts per month. Posting to all your favorite platforms. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, your followers will love your new social media presence. 

Increase your followers today!

Business Cards

& office

The business card is still the #1 way of getting your business out there into people's hands (literally)

A business card says everything important to your potential customer. Don't let this simple object get the least amount of attention. Business cards aren't the only things you need, however. 

Let's talk about growing your materials and your brand!

(Minimum fee of $275 to start. Rate is $45/hr immediately after first hour of work. Total prices vary depending on time, detail, scale and other factors.)

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Thanks for submitting!

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